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TCH X Lease Finance Options

The choice of vehicle finance options available from TC X Leasing is designed to suit your own personal needs – just like the vehicles themselves.

You can explore them all and find out everything you need to know wherever you are. Below, we explain each one to help you find the right car financing solution for your needs. Click on each of the finance options offered by TC Harrison below to find out more.

TCH X Lease Hire Purchase

Also commonly called a Conditional Sale, benefits of this payment method include:

  • At the end of the agreement, you will own the vehicle outright
  • Monthly payments stay fixed throughout the length of the agreement, at a level to suit your budget
  • You can pay off the outstanding amount and end the agreement at any time, without penalty
  • The vehicle acts as security for the loan, meaning you can make use of other forms of credit for other purchases at the same time

TCH X Lease Finance Low Payment Plan

You might find this referred to as a Low Payment Plan, as it is designed to let you run your choice of vehicle for a fixed monthly payment that fits your budget. Advantages include:

  • Lower monthly payments, fixed throughout the term of your agreement
  • Payments, size of deposit, agreed annual mileage and final payment can all be adjusted according to your needs, and you may settle the outstanding finance at any time

The difference between this and a Personal Contract Purchase (see below) is that the residual value is not guaranteed by the dealer. This means you may have to pay any shortfall between the value of the vehicle and the size of deposit needed on your next car.

Important note – TCH X Lease Purchase deals cannot be found on any comparison websites, but only through a dealership. Complete our enquiry form on the right today, and a representative will be in touch shortly, or call us now.

TCH X Lease Personal Contract Purchase

A Personal Contract Purchase is a highly popular way of funding a vehicle purchase, thanks to there being a degree of flexibility in a number of the factors included in the payment calculation.

A monthly payment is calculated using the following factors:

  • Amount of deposit paid, and therefore, level of cost to be funded by the contract payments
  • Annual contracted mileage limit, and
  • Level of final payment required in order to take outright ownership of the vehicle.

A portion of the purchase cost of the vehicle is deferred until the end of the contract. This final payment goes by several names, including a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value, Residual Value, or Balloon Payment.

Industry data on the likely future value of your vehicle is used to calculate the amount of this payment, but in a feature unique to this type of agreement, the finance company guarantees that this final payment will not change. So if your vehicle’s value depreciates more quickly than originally estimated, you can still hand it back to the finance company at the end of the agreement term, and not pay any extra costs.

Get an illustration of a Personal Contract Purchase plan today by filling in the form to the right.

What Do I Do Next?

So if you’re wondering what the next stage is:

  • Find your vehicle
  • Compare our finance products and choose the one which best suits you
  • Tailor your quotation to suit your needs and budget
  • Visit us to view the car

Each of our dealerships has a fully qualified finance manager, who has the expertise to guide you through the different vehicle financing options, introduce you to our finance partners, explain how you apply for finance, and outline your choices if you have any adverse credit history or negative equity.

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